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How do you benefit from Multimedia in Teaching and Learning?

* Inter-active hands-on learning for maximum retention

* Videos and voice over make learning easy

* Short movies explain how to do stuff in all these programmes

* Step-by-Step simulations explain software functions

* You work through the videos on your own time

* You can do revision and refer back to a specific topic at any time

* Install the DVD on your PC for future reference. Help is always available.!

PC Literacy Basics

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Outlook Express

Microsoft Internet Explorer


We have added a range of videos and documents from leading PC and IT brands to enhance your knowledge.

* Hard drives

* LED and LCD screens

* RAM Memory

* Motherboards

* Printers

* Network Servers

* Home Networks

* Media Players

* Digital TV, etc.


ICT today is playing an increasingly important role in bridging the digital divide, fostering socio-economic growth and ensuring that companies become more economically viable. "ICT provides innovative and efficient ways for improving the quality of life - for everyone!!

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Spreadsheet

Microsoft Presentations

Interactive Videos


Recent research conducted by ad agency Ogilvy & Mather together with marketing research firm Communispace Corporation offers a positive view, positing that the most tech-savvy families are more optimistic about the future when compared to their less-techie counterparts.

Basic Mouse Skills

Basic Typing Tutor


Is your firm IT Savvy? I hope so because according to MIT CISR http://cisr.mit.edu/ research, "IT Savvy firms have net margins 20% above their industry median."

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A Computer Literate Nation!  | Get Skilled Now!  Cell - 076 086 2130